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A roundup of Good News stories covering our backyard to around the world.

First world record of London Olympics set by legally blind archer


Shooting victim wants to meet Holmes- to extend forgiveness

A victim of the shooting in Aurora, Colorado goes public with an unexpected message for James Holmes.


Support pours in for “Israel Loves Iran” campaign

Amidst the growing threat of nuclear war between the two countries, money is flowing in from around the world in support of a group of Israelis who have a new message for Iran; one of love and peace.


Pastor takes to the streets to stop violence

Chicago Pastor Corey Brooks has been known to go to extreme measures to promote social change. He’s at it again, this time to put a stop to the violence his city is infamous for.


Bus driver catches girl falling from three stories

Steven St. Bernard, 52-year-old bus driver from Brooklyn, said his paternal instincts kicked in when he saw a 7-year-old autistic girl falling from an air conditioning unit outside his apartment complex. The heroic feat was caught on cell phone video from across the street.


Church gives a year’s tithe to needy

After deciding to give 100% of the tithe for a year to the needy, Traceway Baptist Church in Clinton, Miss. says their generosity came full circle. While abused women, recovering drug addicts, the homeless and others received unwarranted aid straight from Traceway’s offering plate, Pastor John Richardson says providing for the church’s own budgetary needs was “an interesting process.”


Church sends check to another after youth fundraiser shut down

When the city of Tulsa, Oklahoma shut down a fundraiser for the youth of Broken Arrow First Church, the congregation of neighbor church Rhema Bible decided to offer a helping hand.


Advanced headlights see through rain and snow

A team from Carnegie Mellon has developed an experimental headlight system that illuminates the road ahead even through heavy rain or snowfall.


Charity collects unusual donation

The charity Oxfam is the unlikely beneficiary of a large sum of money due to a decade-old bet predicting Roger Federer’s recent Wimbledon win.


Town showers good neighbor with gratitude before it’s too late

Woody Davis, 69, has been the perfect neighbor. He’s served those in his community in Corbett, Oregon without expecting anything in return. Now, after being diagnosed with Lou Gehrig’s disease, his neighbors have given back with the kind of generosity that makes him feel, in his own words, blessed he’s dying slowly.

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