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A roundup of Good News stories covering our backyard to around the world.

Atlanta man makes unlikely, but tasty, business move

It took getting laid off for Steven Carse, former AIG insurance analyst, to take off in the business world. Now he’s the head of an organic, gourmet popsicle outfit and can be seen standing on Atlanta street corners under a rainbow umbrella, delighting locals with his unique homemade treats.


A graduation gift 13 years in the making

When Brenna Martin first glanced at the graduation gift from her father, she smiled and gave a polite thank you. Once she looked deeper she couldn’t stop the tears from coming.


Kids saved, arrests made in sex trafficking sting

Over one hundred arrests were made and 79 children saved in a recent sex trafficking sting carried out by the FBI and local law enforcement agencies across the nation.


UK restaurants find higher purpose

Restaurants, cafes, and pubs all over the UK are finding new ways to give back to the community- each in their own unique way.


Hundreds brought to Christ through dynamic prison ministry

The Prison Fellowship ministry based in Northern California has seen tremendous success this month as large numbers of inmates and prison staff alike have heard the gospel and received Christ. Prison Fellowship hosts events featuring live music, comedy, BMX stunt shows and sermons, and is in the process of instituting an inner-prison seminary called The Urban Ministry Institute.


U.S. businesses find reward apart from bottom line

A new non-profit organization called B-Lab seeks to reward businesses that put as much emphasis on having a healthy social / environmental impact as keeping their shareholders happy.


HS runner helps fallen opponent

A runner from Columbus, Ohio helped her fallen opponent across the finish line this week in an act of “real sportsmanship” that one coach says he has never seen in a state meet.


Bully victim forgives tormentors after 25 years

Approaching her 25th high school reunion, Lynda Frederick posted a poem on her senior class’s facebook page that prompted tears from her classmates at the memory of the bullying Lynda had been subjected to. Her former tormenters flew her to the reunion to ask for forgiveness and reconciliation.


World’s oldest marathon runner reveals his secret

Fauja Singh, 100-year-old runner from India, set a record this week by becoming the oldest person to run a full length marathon. He shares the secret to his good health and how he stays motivated.

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“And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.” Romans 8:28


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