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A roundup of Good News stories covering our backyard to around the world.

A little help for dyslexics

A Dutch graphic designer creates a font to make reading easier for folks struggling with ...


A shove off the road turns out to be a life-saving move.

What a family of good Samaritans found when they peeked in the door of a stalled car during ...


Most successful football play ever?

Learning disabled middle-schooler has life-changing effect on his ...


See the surprise birthday wish that left Steve Harvey speechless.

Christian comedian and talk show host is left speechless after hearing from a special person from ...


Homeless man’s good deed changes his life

Unintentional donation sends Billy Ray Harris on a path to feeling "human" ...


Blind couple engaged after guide dogs fall in love

Labradors Venice and Rodd lead the way to romance for their owners, who met in a two-week guide dog ...


Stolen gold rings returned after 15 years- with written apology

Most of us did things as kids that we regret. Few go to lengths this far to make them right.


Aid for storm victims pours out of New Jersey food bank

The food bank that began in 1975 as one woman handing out meals from the trunk of her car is now about the size of five football fields and is responsible for feeding thousands in the aftermath of Superstorm Sandy.


A lost toy becomes a lesson in grace for young Luka Apps

When a 7-year-old sent a letter to the Lego company lamenting the loss of his toy, he received an unexpected reply that left him jumping up and down.


Millionaire maintains sanitation job to set good example

For some folks, becoming a millionaire would mean retiring early and traveling the world. For this mother of two it means… sweeping streets??

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